Since the establishment of Crawford & Associates in 1984, we have dedicated our entire practice to serving governmental entities. Governmental accounting and consulting services available include:

  • Annual Financial Statement Preparation  - preparing draft financial statements and notes, for audit by the government’s external auditors, that are based on the government’s chart of accounts and trial balances, including the preparation of working trial balances, identification and preparation of adjusting, correcting, conversion to GAAP, and closing entries approved by government management, preparing the final annual financial statements, and coordination audit activities with the external auditors and answering their questions
  • Budget Preparation Assistance – consulting assistance in the development of the government’s annual budget, including assistance in estimating revenues, developing proposed appropriations based on management-provided assumptions and requests, preparing the budget document, and conducting or participating in budget workshops with governing body
  • Budget Monitoring Assistance – consulting services including preparation of monthly budget status reports from the government’s accounting records, evaluation of periodic budget status, proposal of budget amendments for approval by government management and governing body, and presentation of periodic budget status reports
  • General Accounting and Reconciling Assistancegeneral accounting assistance includes assistance with the development or modification of the chart of accounts, assistance in posting transactions, assistance in reconciling account balances, report preparation assistance, evaluation of account balances to identify any needed adjustments, assistance in making adjustments or actually recording the adjustments directly into the government’s records 
  • Capital Asset Records Maintenance – consulting assistance including development of the initial inventory plan, training of the government’s staff, providing guidance to government staff and participating in the conduct of asset inventory and research of records for estimating historical cost, data entry of inventory information into asset accounting system, and updating the records for annual additions and disposals
  • Internal Audit or Monitoring Services – monitoring activities performed in accordance with a risk-based plan approved by the government entity with services focused on monitoring the government’s compliance with its internal control policies and procedures and compliance with laws and regulations as a year-round on-going monitoring function of the government
  • Agreed Upon Procedures Attestation - performing agreed-upon procedures over assertions or subject matter, such as bond refunding verifications and compliance with debt service coverage requirements
  • Performeter Financial Analysis – our trademarked evaluation of the financial health and success of the Government based on calculation of ratios from the most recent audited financial statements using a firm-developed evaluation and rating model, and the preparation and presentation of the analysis report
  • Information System Implementation Assistance – information technology consulting assistance including advising the government on system set up, advising on system design changes, testing system design, and providing installation and training assistance
  • Internal Control Advisory Assistance – providing advice on the adequacy of the design of the government’s internal control policies and procedures, and assisting in implementing recommendations for improvement of design or compliance
  • Labor Relations Consulting – consulting assistance including evaluation of financial and budgetary condition to assist the government in negotiations with labor units, and serving as expert witness in labor arbitrations
  • Human Resource Consulting – assisting Government management in the evaluation of potential candidates for accounting or finance positions, providing management with our opinion of the best qualified candidates
  • Compliance Advisory Assistance – consulting assistance including the research of finance-related laws and regulations applicable to the government and providing compliance advice to the government
  • Investigation of Allegations or Concernsgathering evidence to conclude as to whether the evidence supports or does not support allegations or concerns made by or to management of the government, and serving as an expert witness in any resulting litigation
  • Payroll Tax and Other Regulatory Report Assistance – consulting assistance involving assistance in the preparation or correction of federal and state tax and other regulatory forms or reports, such as payroll tax reports, energy regulatory reports, and annual budgetary condition reports
  • Task Force or Committee Participation – serving in an advisory capacity through participating on government task forces or committees, or advising government management on issues where our expertise can provide benefit
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