Advisory Services

We analyze our clients’ challenges and develop strategies that provide actionable insight to support decision-making.

We help our clients navigate through tough challenges

Our expert consultants listen to your concerns and develop a customized plan of action to help your entity or organization prepare for success.

Labor Relations Consulting

Our consulting assistance includes an evaluation of financial and budgetary conditions to assist the government in negotiations with labor units as well as serve as expert witness in labor arbitrations.

Human Resource Consulting

We assist government management in the evaluation of potential candidates for accounting or finance positions and provide management with our recommendation for qualified candidates.

Task Force or Committee Participation

We serve in an advisory capacity by participating in government task forces and committees or advising government management on issues where our expertise can provide benefit.

Internal Audit Type or Monitoring Services

We monitor activities performed in accordance with a risk-based plan approved by the government entity. This includes services focused on monitoring the government’s compliance with its internal control policies and procedures and compliance with laws and regulations as a year-round, ongoing function of the government.

Compliance Assistance

Our compliance assistance includes the research of finance-related laws and regulations applicable to the government along with compliance advice.

Information System Implementation Assistance

Our information technology consulting assistance includes advising the government on system set up and design changes, testing system design and providing installation and training assistance.

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